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How do I enter the field of web programming?

The field of the web known as Web Programming or Web Development, which simply includes the design and construction of electronic pages and databases for the site.

  • According to data from Glassdoor.com, web programmers' salaries are estimated to be around $79,000 per year, and of course the number increases depending on your savvy.
  • Front end developer salaries are around $92,000 per year. In contrast, back-end web developer salary is known to be $93,000 per year.

Web programmers:

First: Front-end development

It means user interface design, and it is simply responsible for designing the shape of the site that is presented to users, and is responsible for aesthetics such as colors, page layout, and facilitating the user's use of the site.

Second: Back-end development field:

It is the section in which programming is carried out and supervises the part that you do not see on the site, such as databases. It contains all the data of site users or site products in addition to

  Server and storage management, as well as dealing with errors in the data and dealing with them.

What programming languages are used in Front-end and Back-end:

web programming

There are three techniques that we must learn to master the front-end:

  1. HTML is the language that builds the website structure
  2. CSS language, which is specific to colors, images, and formatting in the site, that is, it gives aesthetics to the structure of the site that was built with html
  3. It is the JavaScript language that adds vitality to the site and allows it to interact with the visitor, but only at the browser level

As for the back-end, the 5 most important languages that can be used in website programming are:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • ASP.net
  • Python
  • Node.js

It should be noted that it is not necessary to master all of them, it is sufficient to master one well with all its tools to be able to program your site.

When you master the skills required in the front-end and back-end then it is called a full-stack webdeveloper

If you want to become a full-stack developer, you have to take html, css, javascript, php…etc courses.
A site can help you www.w3school.com It is a very useful site.

What are the best internationally accredited certificates in the field of web:

  • Zend PHP Certification – php
  • Zend Framework Certification – ZF
  • Programming in HTML5 Certificate with JavaScript and CSS3
  • MCSD Certification: Web Applications
  • Symfony Certification


You can also search for other certificates that may benefit you in the field of the web or to use platforms to work that make it easy for you to program and write code from scratch, such as WordPress, Laravel and others, but remember that in order to use these ready-made platforms, you must first know the web concepts that we mentioned in the previous article, Create your first website, show it to your friends, you can read an article Why do programmed sites occupy WordPress globally? On our site, we will learn in subsequent articles about useful technologies and web offices.
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