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What are the most important applications for reading lovers in 2021

In this article, we will talk about the most important applications of reading lovers and book lovers. The rate of reading has increased recently, and with it the tendency to resort to electronic methods to obtain the material has increased because it has many advantages.

Books and the Arab world before the emergence of applications for lovers of reading:

The dissemination of culture and knowledge in the Arab world is the duty of every educated person, but the modern era has imposed the use of modern electronic means that allow all that comes to mind from visual, audio and interactive means that enable a person to overcome the obstacle of matter, place and time. Despite the pleasure of reading paper, the majority depend on books Electronic, whether read or audible, for easy access and viewing without leaving your place. Although the statistics tell that the Arab world has a high rate of illiteracy and reads little, there are many websites that are interested in publishing books and knowledge and strive to raise the rate of reading and the level of the Arab reader and have played a major role in cultural dissemination through the establishment of sites and applications Book lovers, which facilitate the process of obtaining different books for any writer who wants to read, may become a daily habit that builds with it a generation that raises the status of society.

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The most important applications for reading lovers:

1- Abjad application:

It is considered one of the most important applications for book lovers, and it is an application affiliated to the Abjad website for e-books. This website was established in 2012 to gather more than a million and a half Arab readers who can download and read books through the Abjad application, which can be downloaded through the website on the readers’ smartphones on the Android and iPhone systems. It is distinguished in the application that it contains a library of thousands of books from various cultural, literary and scientific fields of the most prominent authors and writers. Users of the application can also read without an Internet connection and the ability to communicate with other readers and exchange opinions about books.

2- Hindawi application:

The Hindawi Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to spread knowledge and culture and has provided an application for its readers in the Arabic language through which they can access many distinguished and rare books for free. It also contains many diverse Arabic and translated books. This application is considered one of the best applications for book lovers.

The application is free and does not include ads. It is also characterized by simplicity in terms of design and the ability to browse. When you open the application, the different categories appear for you to choose what you want with the ability to read directly or after downloading.

3- Storytell app:

If you are a book lover, but prefer to listen more instead of reading, you will find what you are looking for in this application that allows you to read and download books in addition to listening to them audio in Arabic and English, but it requires a financial subscription to be able to view all the books available to them.

The site allows you to have a trial period of 7 days so that it is free, and then you have to pay a subscription for various options to be able to stay up to date with the latest books. Most of the existing books are characterized as fiction or in the form of a story.

4- Application read to me:

It is an application for books, articles and audio brochures in which a library contains a high-end literary heritage. The application includes more than two million Arabic listeners with the largest audio library through which you can listen to your favorite books at any time and wherever you are.

This application also serves to provide some news related to the Arab and international situation in all areas, so when you start using the application, it asks you to select the areas that interest you and the categories that you are interested in listening to, so that as soon as any new is published, it will be presented to you automatically, and the application is free and available to everyone.

5- Brief application:

It is considered one of the flexible book lovers’ applications, as it is aptly named. It provides Arabic text and audio summaries of various books so that their library contains more than 3,500 written and audio summaries. Also, summarizing the books allows the researcher to view a wide range of ideas until he finds what he is looking for among the huge amount that each issue A day of books.

6. Shelving application:

A reading lover application that combines the two options of reading and audio books to offer more than 15 thousand books with a number of subscribers exceeding 4 million subscribers. Copy quotes or highlight your favorite paragraphs.

What to say in conclusion about the applications of reading lovers:

The pleasure of reading does not end, but unfortunately the current era offers a lot of empty content that distracts society from reading. Therefore, the applications of reading lovers were an important step in the way of drawing the attention of the Arab world to the need to preserve and spread the habit of reading.

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