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NVIDIA Podcasts App - NVIDIA Broadcast

Our time is characterized by resorting to audio-visual methods in disseminating ideas and marketing products, especially direct broadcasting, so it was necessary to resort to a set of applications and tools that make the presented material ideal. Applications that contain audio and video options vary, including the Nvidia Podcast application, which we will talk about in this article. .

What is NVIDIA Podcasts App:

nvidia podcast app

It is an application developed for Windows 10 in order to improve the audio and video capabilities of RTX GPUs. The app can help you do it.

  • Noise removal:

This app can easily remove background noise in live chats or streams in order to make your voice clearer as unstoppable background noises such as air conditioning unit, electric fan hum, remote dog barking or room echoes are filtered using artificial intelligence.

  • Default or blurry background:

To add more fun, users can also customize a wallpaper using the default background feature or a video background and you can also use a virtual green screen and if you need a video background make sure it's in mp4 format and if you don't want to use a default background you can simply darken it.

  • Auto Frame Feature:

The NVIDIA Podcasts app can track your movement and posture all the time using artificial intelligence technology as the webcam auto-framing feature can be activated perfectly even if there is slight noise in the video due to a lot of movement.

Advantages of NVIDIA Podcasts Application:

  1. The app is free so you don't have to pay for another program that offers almost the same capabilities as turning your home setup into a professional looking studio.
  2. Integrated GPU integration designed by the same company means there are very few application errors and fixes are released regularly by NVIDIA.
  3. There is no need to install additional software on the computer to improve the video and audio quality of live broadcasts, video calls and voice calls so that anyone can take advantage of the application for live broadcasting and video conferencing.

NVIDIA Podcasts Application Requirements:

It is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics and advantages of your computer when downloading any application on it, and this application has some important requirements that are present in the device

  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, TITAN RTX or higher.
  • RAM 8 GB or more.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 8600 or AMD Ryzen r5 2600 or higher.
  • Driver: NVIDIA Studio Driver 462.46 or Game Ready Driver 465.89 and above.
  • Windows 10 64

How to install the NVIDIA Podcasts app:

Those who are looking for the complete set of audio and video features need to download the app through the following steps

  • At first you go to the official website of the application and download it.
  • After downloading the installer, open it and start the installation.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Now you can open the application.
  • There should be three tabs which are Microphone, Speakers and Camera so make sure you select the correct input device for each one.
  • Select the effects you want for each device.

For example, if you want to eliminate video noise when using a camera source, make sure you select the highest camera resolution and toggle the video removal switch to On.

Keep in mind that the more effects you enable, the more CPU resources are required to execute them and if you notice performance issues you can try disabling the effects to free up resources.

  • Check sound settings in Windows 10:

You can go to the sound system settings in Windows and set the headset or speaker as the default.

  • As for the microphone, you can use the NVIDIA Podcasts app as an input, especially if you want to take advantage of the app's noise removal feature.
  • Set up video features or live streaming apps.

The exact steps on how to configure your live or video streaming apps depends on the app and the general rule to follow is to make sure you go to the app's settings menu, check the audio and video options, and set the NVIDIA Podcasts app for each of your devices.


We can say that the NVIDIA Podcasts application is one of the popular and popular applications among all those interested in the field of marketing and owners of channels and sites, because the application has distinctive capabilities as it is easy to download and use and gives you a successful and distinctive experience.

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