Using the Tik Tok application in education

How to use the Tik Tok application in education

Have you ever thought that you can use the Tik Tok application in education? In fact, recently, many programs have been used in the education process, including the Tik Tok application, especially after the repercussions of the pandemic that affected the world and caused the closure of educational institutions, which drew attention to the necessity of e-learning.

What is the Tik Tok app:

It is a Chinese application launched in 2017, which is easy to use, has wide popularity and is spread all over the world and is characterized by the user's ability to publish short interesting videos with a variety of purposes with friends sharing the moments of daily life, which made it a strong competitor to the rest of the famous applications, and many modifications to the video can be added from effects and clips Audio and songs which makes it even more fun. These programs have been employed for many purposes, the most prominent of which were recently educational purposes, whether it was free education or on a regular basis, especially in public schools and others. The impact of this application on the whole cannot be denied among the youth groups who are looking for modern and innovative ways.

tik tok app in education
Using the Tik Tok application in education

Using the Tik Tok application in education:

What the professor needs to know when using the Tik Tok application in education are the laws and policies of the school and the region in which he teaches students, in addition to taking into account the needs of students and the concerns of parents, with attention to many conditions and social factors that must comply with the target group, and although education is a difficult task The Tik Tok application has facilitated the education process by creating a fun and flexible interactive environment, and here we present some of the features of using the Tik Tok application  

Features of using the Tik Tok application:

  • Students create a private channel

The teacher can choose a topic for the students and then ask them to create a list according to the list he makes and then they have to put forward their ideas followed by the evaluation and modification process and they can simply summarize the assignments through the channel.

  • Conduct mini lessons

Using the TikTok app with education requires publishing short and interesting educational videos.

  • Promote student cooperation

The use of the Tik Tok application helps to increase the students' communication with each other with the exchange of small explanatory videos and also promotes working together from a distance.

  • Possibility to learn through projects

Students can be helped to identify project ideas, collaborate during the learning process and document that process, or organize and share the results of their project.

  • permanence of use

The use of the Tik Tok application is constantly increasing and spreading all over the world and it is expected that it will continue in this way because of its popularity and ease of use.

  • Create new themes

Students can exchange new and innovative ideas and information by passing different topics within specific categories which motivate students to excel.

Ways to use the application in education:

In 2021, the application launched the “Learn through Tik Tok” initiative, an experience that went beyond the traditional method of education and had its spread, especially that the number of users of the Tik Tok application is about one billion and 800 million users around the world, with daily use by each subscriber of about an hour, which encourages the introduction of the experience Educational in the application and in the e-learning experience in this application, the term “Nano learning” was introduced, so that educational videos of between 2-5 minutes are published, but in a creative way, which requires double efforts. It is amazing the possibility of using a fun application for lofty purposes such as education. Through which the Tik Tok application can be used in education

  • provide lessons

The app is used in teachers' lesson plans by presenting the instructional video and the teacher can then ask the students to create a 15-second clip on TikTok to showcase what they have studied.

  • Submit a final project

There are millions of excellent student-created videos to showcase their finished projects in a fun way that makes collaboration easier.

  • Spreading Awareness

Groups can be set up on Tik Tok for a school or a specific area to create educational clips with motivational and encouraging clips.

  • Teachers communicate with each other

Educators can harness the power of social media to connect with each other, near and far, and spread new technologies, innovative ideas, and tips.

  • Strengthening relationships with students

Creating educational clips enables students to glimpse their lives and allows the student to get to know and interact with their teacher across the platform, creating friendships and friendships.

  •  Increase student interaction

Students can interact with each other by sending educational videos related to a teacher's hashtag that not only helps in the learning process but also helps in building strong relationships.


There are many experiences that include the use of the Tik Tok application from various fields, and its owners have achieved wide fame for their creativity in communicating information, but it can be benefited more by introducing it in schools so that students can benefit from interesting technologies for valuable and useful purposes.

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