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How can your website top the search results in Google?

How can your page top the search results? The vast majority of pages published today never rank in Google and never get any traffic. This is why many companies are desperate to improve their SEO.

But why is that, and how can you be part of the minority that gets to top Google's search results?

Well, there are hundreds of SEO issues that may prevent your pages from ranking well in Google. But if we focus on only the most common scenarios, there are only four of them

Reason 1: The page does not contain any backlinks

According to studies conducted on billions of web pages using specialized tools such as Content Explore, pages without backlinks never get any traffic from Google.

Now, it is important to note that correlation does not imply causation and there is no direct evidence that backlinks help you rank in Google. However, most SEO professionals will tell you that it is almost impossible to rank on the first page without backlinks – an observation that aligns with studies conducted on billions of web pages.

So if you want to rank in Google and get search traffic, you will need to generate high quality backlinks to your page. If you are not sure how to do this, use the Webtop teams, and read this article on our blog,How do you get a strong backlink?

Reason 2: The page thread has no long-term traffic

Some pages have a large number of backlinks, but they still get zero traffic from Google, according to the same study that was conducted, it was noted that 70 thousand pages with more than 200 backlinks from different domains do not have any traffic on Google, By reviewing these pages (and many others) manually, two general trends were observed that explain why such pages do not get traffic even though there are many backlinks:

1- Most of the backlinks they bought are suspicious, so they were punished by Google and we will talk about this later.

2- They are not targeting a topic that people are searching for in Google.

This one is somewhat self-explanatory:

If no one is searching for anything you are talking about on your page, you will not get any search traffic.!!

Reason 3. The page does not match the search target:

Google aims to show you the most relevant results for your query, so if you have pages with a lot of backlinks and your page is already targeting a keyword with Traffic Potential Item #2, but no organic traffic yet, take a quick step to improve its visibility in Search engines is re-optimizing it for the purpose of search, such as adding a useful free extension for a period of time that people need, and we concluded that people were not looking for a landing page, but were looking for a free tool that they can use immediately.

Reason 4. The page is not indexed

Google cannot rank pages that have not been indexed.

If you suspect that this may be the reason for your page not getting traffic, search Google for site:: [url]. You should see at least one result.

Otherwise, your page isn't indexed. Google also doesn't usually index broken pages — even if they contain backlinks. However, at least, it would make sense to redirect the dead page with backlinks to a working page on the same topic. This may help them get more traffic from keywords.

in conclusion:

Keep your pages in the search engine-only 9.36% of pages by creating backlinks, choosing topics with potential traffic, matching search intent, and making sure they are indexed.

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