Best web design company

What is the best web design company in Europe and the world?

Webtop is the best web design company in Europe and the world. It is a company registered in Europe that has been working in the European market for years, and its work has won the satisfaction of many Arabs in all European and Arab cities, so it launched strongly thanks to the confidence of its customers in it and its motto that does not deviate from it, which is to work for customers with more than what they wish, at a lower price than everyone and quality High.

Features of the best web design company:

1. Unique and Creative Design:

Where the team works well on the design to be easy, comfortable, fast, and certainly beautiful and attractive with some attractive additions to the design to make it modern, elegant and unique.

2- High quality and efficiency:

Where the best and latest codes are used and according to international specifications, the company offers the best of its software solutions and supports customer service and continuous improvement to obtain the best quality.

3- Workmanship and craftsmanship:

Webtop presents its projects in perfect perfection after verifying, experimenting and testing them., It does not skimp on its clients with creative ideas, as it takes all clients' ideas and perceptions into account.

What are the services provided by the best web design company:

Best web design company

1- Hosting reservation services:

Hosting is defined as the space your website occupies on the server. The space is proportional to the size of the site and includes the following:

  1. Space within hosting is by design.
  2. Hosting is free for one year with design.
  3. Paid hosting without design.
  4. The best and fastest types of servers.

2- Domain reservation services:

You can reserve any domain that suits you at Webtop, and the domain is defined as the key that allows others to access your site. For example, from the domain specifications:

  • Reserve any domain .com, .net, .org
  • The domain is free for one year with the design.
  • Domain is paid without design.
  • Connecting one or more domains with hosting

3- Design services of the best web design company:

Webtop designs all kinds of websites, whether for startups, institutions, restaurants, hotels, online stores, real estate websites, personal websites, and others…

The website design includes:

  • Company logo.
  • Home page in the way of service companies.
  • The services provided page.
  • Products page.
  • Basic pages. (About the company - Contact us - Privacy policy - Terms of service - Company team)
  • Request form page or price page.
  • Additional pages can be placed if requested, such as the FAQ page and the blog.

4- E-marketing services in the best web design company:

You will get the best e-marketing service in Europe from Webtop for your products and services and widespread popularity in Europe or any region of the world you want.

5- Publication and advertising service on search engines:

By subscribing to this service, you can publish and advertise what you want, if you have a website, product or page on social media, thus ensuring quick access to search and raising your visitors.

WebTop has a lot of methods and skill in this field and uses the correct and fast methods.

Some of the methods we use in the publishing and publicity process are:

  • Writing articles on different sites.
  • Put links in a lot of places.
  • Publication on research evidence.
  • Posting in our many blogs.
  • Social media and search engines also play an important and significant role in our operations.

It is no secret to anyone how much competition there is on the Internet. When you are new to the network, you will find yourself late, so choosing the publishing and publicity process for Web Top will save you a lot of waiting and will bring you success and wide fame.

6- SEO service in the best web design company:

SEO is defined as the creation, development and optimization of your site for search engines, and it is an integrated process based on the algorithms of the Google search engine, and includes titles, meta words, keywords, structured data, alternative words, speed, text formatting, content and many more.

Many website owners, companies, stores and applications have suffered from not appearing in search results on Google and other search engines, and consequently, this results in losing a lot of access, visitors and potential customers, either because of the designer’s lack of knowledge of SEO or not implementing the service in its proper form.

Webtop provides you with the right SEO service, and we do it perfectly and depending on the algorithms of Google and other search engines.

Types of SEO services:

1- Backlink Services - Backlink:

In the field of websites and the web, the backlink work is the number of links and links that connect other sites to your website, and the more of these links that link other sites to your website, the more confidence the search engines have in your site, Webtop offers you in this service the best links Backlinks that have high reliability and that raise your site's lead within a very short period.

2- User traffic and visits from search engines:

Where you get real visitors from the search words you want through the search engine with the following characteristics:

  • Visitors from Google Console are counted on the search word by the number of clicks.
  • Visitors from Google Analytics were calculated from a pure search source Google.
  • Google search word progress every day.
  • All social media visitors are real with low bounce level.

7- Android Application Design:

High-quality programming, elegant design, as well as security are the qualities of a successful Android application, and this is what WebTop strives for
It always tries to do regular updates to improve the user experience in the application and to get the most fun and benefit and in return for the owner to get more visits, ratings and profits.


Start developing your website with Web Top Increase the number of your visitors, improve search results, and increase the visibility of the site.

Communication With us now and enjoy your entry into the digital reality with the power you want.

Facebook Hogan

Are we today more familiar with Facebook and its effects?

When every new Facebook crisis appears, we become more aware and aware of the impact of social media and Facebook, especially on our lives. The scandals that have emerged in the last five years have exposed details that were hidden from us but at the same time brought us closer to the truth about the impact of Facebook on our lives.

How did the warnings about Facebook start?

The whistleblower’s allegations made it clear that Facebook always prefers its interests to the human interest, and some research was conducted on the impact of Instagram on the mental health of adolescent girls and its harmful impact, but the company did not pay any attention to this and did not take any decisive measures according to the opinions of some researchers and a report by Radio American NPR.

The main reason behind these suspicions was the campaign that was carried out on Facebook in the 2016 presidential elections between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in which Russian propaganda persuaded a group of Americans to vote for Donald Trump by withdrawing these conspiring companies information about users in Facebook. Facebook and brainwashed them.

But the company and those in power simplified the problem and did nothing about it, while our question was how can teenagers attract the attention of American society to fake news and how they did nothing about people believing this news.

But with these repeated embarrassments to Facebook, we are every day becoming more aware and knowledgeable about the impact of these emerging Internet technology companies in our lives, which are considered modern, and the most important question remains, what does Facebook do to us? And what will he do next this electronic invasion?

Kate Klink, a law school professor, says that when she began her Ph.D. at Peel University School of Law in 2015, her interest in government Internet companies for online discourse was not the subject of serious legal research and publication, and she made it clear that life online is not real life, but propaganda. The Russian election and other Facebook news in the years since have changed that perception as people take the influence of tech companies seriously.

The last thing that emerged in 2021 was the appearance of the former Facebook content officer, Frances Hogan, on Tuesday, where she stated that there is a devastating impact on the technology giant, noting that there is now an opportunity to act against it, and Hogan’s testimony came at a difficult time for the technology giant after hours of unprecedented outage. On Monday, the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications were hit, lasting about 7 hours and reaching billions of users.

Logical approach:

Some comparisons have been raised by US senators and Facebook critics between them and cigarette manufacturers, even if the two products are not the same, but the comparison may be appropriate in a different way. For decades, there have been many warnings about the negative effects of smoking on health and from the companies that produce it. Subsequently, after this warning, governments began to take measures and acted towards the tobacco industry, yet some continued to smoke, and this may also be the time to act on Facebook and take these warnings seriously.


Blame is a cruel tool for punishment, and with every crossroads for Facebook, those concerned are trying to find a more elegant way to blame Facebook. Facebook and other online companies in the world are not responsible for the mental illnesses that appear in the world, but they are responsible for making them exacerbate more and appear more clearly! The words of Francis Hogan directed public opinion about the influence of Facebook, which shows the worst possible in humanity, and as she says, “Facebook cannot help itself in finding solutions to these crises, so the wiser groups must take measures.”

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cyber security

cyber security

What is the definition of cyber security?

Communication over the Internet occurs in cyberspace, which is described as an electronic medium for computer networks. This vast network makes up hundreds of thousands of networked computers, servers that carry large amounts of data, routers, modems, and switches. These are connected by tens of thousands of strong fiber-optic cables that run on land and under water, known as submarine cables. As a result, maintaining these networks is everyone's responsibility, both individually and collectively.

Keeping this network secure for individuals, businesses, and governments is now a huge task that requires significant investment in both manpower and infrastructure.

cyber security

Cyber Security Concepts:

Individuals, small businesses, large organizations, and government agencies are increasingly focusing on securing their systems against all kinds of cyber threats as a result of the increasing number of cyber threats. Cybersecurity, in layman's terms, is the process of defending autonomous computers, a network of interconnected computers, individuals, organizations, government data and highly sensitive national security against malicious cyber attacks.
Cyber security principles and concepts for beginners include knowing how to protect yourself from email scams, malware, viruses, wi-fi security, financial scams, phishing, and safe use of internet resources like social media, among other things. Smartphones are becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives and require some basic protection. To protect themselves, beginners should understand some basic ideas in cybersecurity and subscribe to antivirus software for personal computers and small business networks.

Automatic or manual two-step or three-step company data backups should be available on premises in case of data loss due to computer failure or hacking.

Cyber security courses:

Attending a basic course can help beginners understand the basics of cyber security in simple words such as securing Wi-Fi/router/modem connections, antivirus software, safe internet browsing, risks of clicking on unknown links, spotting phishing sites, common scams, and scams In SIM swapping, secure use of credit cards and digital payment apps, and more are covered in the basics. These are some of the cybersecurity basics for beginners that must be grasped before entering the cyberspace. However, before delving into this great topic, a newbie should be well versed with the basics of cyber security.

Beginners can prepare for the course by reading some materials such as

1- “Cyber Threat, Know the threat to overcome the threat, by Bob Gurley.

2- “NIST’s Cyber Security Framework.”

3- “The Five Most Common Cyber Attacks” is a list of the most common cyber attacks. from CSO.

What are the types of electronic attacks?

In recent years, there have been a large number of new types of cyber attacks. Many of them are involved in:

1- Denial-of-service attacks by sending massive spam emails or messages aimed at disrupting organizations' servers and websites.

2- Bot attacks through a network of real and fake computer systems spread across multiple continents to hide their origin. They can be used to spread social media messages and emails to target an individual or organization, refuse service, or steal confidential data.

The main areas of cybersecurity:

The CIA's triad, or core areas of cybersecurity, are confidentiality, information, and availability.
It's all about information. It all depends on the confidentiality of information about the organization. Each person only needs a certain type and level of information, and the amount of information available rises as one advances up the corporate ladder. With a password and other security methods, each employee is properly trained to secure and maintain the confidentiality of all information available to him. There is a dedicated department responsible for this for the entire organization, which is protected by a proper firewall.
This is critical to data integrity, as it ensures accuracy, reliability, and consistency of data. It should not be subject to unauthorized access, corruption, tampering or disclosure. Should this occur, there should be a well-defined procedure for threat detection and isolation, as well as data recovery. Access to information is enabled through comprehensive risk assessments and appropriate hardware and software integration. It is tailored to the type of company, the sensitivity of the information present, the overall risk profile, and all potential weaknesses.


It is the duty of every person to be familiar with some concepts of cyber security. If you want to keep pace with the times and enter the digital world, you must learn how to protect yourself from any attack that may threaten your data and privacy.

I hope that I succeeded in sharing some important ideas on this topic, and do not forget to share your opinions with us 🙂

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web programming

How do I enter the field of web programming?

The field of the web known as Web Programming or Web Development, which simply includes the design and construction of electronic pages and databases for the site.

  • According to data from, web programmers' salaries are estimated to be around $79,000 per year, and of course the number increases depending on your savvy.
  • Front end developer salaries are around $92,000 per year. In contrast, back-end web developer salary is known to be $93,000 per year.

Web programmers:

First: Front-end development

It means user interface design, and it is simply responsible for designing the shape of the site that is presented to users, and is responsible for aesthetics such as colors, page layout, and facilitating the user's use of the site.

Second: Back-end development field:

It is the section in which programming is carried out and supervises the part that you do not see on the site, such as databases. It contains all the data of site users or site products in addition to

  Server and storage management, as well as dealing with errors in the data and dealing with them.

What programming languages are used in Front-end and Back-end:

web programming

There are three techniques that we must learn to master the front-end:

  1. HTML is the language that builds the website structure
  2. CSS language, which is specific to colors, images, and formatting in the site, that is, it gives aesthetics to the structure of the site that was built with html
  3. It is the JavaScript language that adds vitality to the site and allows it to interact with the visitor, but only at the browser level

As for the back-end, the 5 most important languages that can be used in website programming are:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python
  • Node.js

It should be noted that it is not necessary to master all of them, it is sufficient to master one well with all its tools to be able to program your site.

When you master the skills required in the front-end and back-end then it is called a full-stack webdeveloper

If you want to become a full-stack developer, you have to take html, css, javascript, php…etc courses.
A site can help you It is a very useful site.

What are the best internationally accredited certificates in the field of web:

  • Zend PHP Certification – php
  • Zend Framework Certification – ZF
  • Programming in HTML5 Certificate with JavaScript and CSS3
  • MCSD Certification: Web Applications
  • Symfony Certification


You can also search for other certificates that may benefit you in the field of the web or to use platforms to work that make it easy for you to program and write code from scratch, such as WordPress, Laravel and others, but remember that in order to use these ready-made platforms, you must first know the web concepts that we mentioned in the previous article, Create your first website, show it to your friends, you can read an article Why do programmed sites occupy WordPress globally? On our site, we will learn in subsequent articles about useful technologies and web offices.
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Fifth generation wireless networks

Fifth generation wireless networks:

What are wireless networks - fifth generation networks?

Wireless networks are an important part of the Internet. The most popular type of wireless network is Wi-Fi, which allows computers to communicate with each other via radio waves.

The fifth generation (5G) is the next major stage of mobile wireless communication standards. It will provide improved spectral efficiency, higher data rates, lower latency and more power. 5G networks are expected to provide a wide range of new and innovative services such as virtual reality streaming and self-driving cars.

The evolution of wireless networks:

The evolution of wireless networks has occurred through the gradual introduction of new technologies, each addressing the shortcomings of its predecessor. Early systems used analog radio technology to transmit voice or data signals over long distances without the need for physical connections between stations. Digital technology replaced this technology in the 1990s, and it is now being replaced by the fourth generation (4G) standard based on Long Term Evolution (LTE).

In the late 19th century, physics professor Nikola Tesla discovered radio waves. In 1895, he was able to transmit signals a distance of one mile as the first wireless communication in history.

The evolution of wireless networks over time has been largely driven by increased consumer demand. “The 'one-size-fits-all' approach to enterprise networks just doesn't work anymore," said Sanjay Uppal, Vice President and General Manager, HPE Networking.

Wireless network technologies such as 3G and 4G have evolved over time. The first wireless networks were cellular networks. These used a wide range of frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum, from about 800MHz to 2GHz. Cellular networks have enabled people to make phone calls using cell phones when they are away from their landline phones at home or at work.

What are the fifth generation networks:

 Fifth generation wireless networks

The fifth generation of wireless networks aims to provide access in all kinds of uses, including homes, cars, and moving objects. This network will be able to offer maximum speeds - up to 100 Mbps per device.

The idea is that you can do several things on your smartphone at the same time without losing any speed. Also, the new wireless network will be able to send data faster than existing 4G networks.

As a hyper-connected world, we have wireless networks everywhere. The fifth generation of these wireless networks is expected to be a mainstay in the Internet of Things.

Fifth generation network features:

Some of the key features of 5G wireless networks include significantly increased bandwidth, reduced latency, larger cellular coverage areas, and extremely low power consumption.

Some of the benefits of using 5G technologies:

1 - “Holographic” meetings:

The fifth generation network will allow the presentation of meetings using hologram technology at a high speed so that workers in a particular institution, regardless of the country in which they reside, can meet together as if they were in one place.

2- The speed of the games and the speed of downloading:

The fifth generation network will enable people to play large-sized games on their smartphones in high quality, after it was previously difficult to access these games except after downloading them to a computer. It will also allow downloading large-sized movies in a few seconds.
3- Smart homes:
Smart homes will use the 5G network to connect devices and control them wirelessly by phone, without the need to connect these devices to a central computer.
4- Self-driving cars:
Self-driving cars can use the 5G network to exchange information with each other, which could help reduce congestion, for example.
5- Surgical operations:
Experts say this new network could allow doctors to perform remote surgical procedures using robots and the Internet.

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The electronic government

The electronic government

E-government is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to deliver government services to citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders. It can be used as a tool to improve efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the way governments deliver their services.
They use electronic processes and information technology to conduct public business, including interaction with citizens. E-government has many benefits such as increased efficiency, transparency and accountability.
E-government also uses information technology (IT) to support citizens, businesses, and other interactions with the public. These entities may be units such as provinces, municipalities, states, villages or tribes, private sector organizations; intergovernmental organizations; Or global multilateral institutions such as the United Nations.

The concept of e-government:

The Internet has changed the way we do business, do research, and get information. Increasingly, government agencies are using the power of online tools to improve efficiency and responsiveness. It is now common for governments to use technology and the internet to connect with citizens, promote transparency and encourage civic participation

The electronic government

E-government has many benefits. For example, it could reduce the need for physical contact between people and governments, which could make government operations more efficient. E-government also makes government services more accessible for disabled people who are unable to visit physical offices in person.

What are the benefits and harms of e-government?

E-government is a way to save time, money and resources such as paper. It can also help solve problems in government through centralization of information. E-government can also lead to more transparency and efficiency in government, but it also risks information overload and security issues.

Examples of successful e-government:

E-government is an emerging field. It has been recognized as one of the most promising aspects of the globalization of governance and international relations in the twenty-first century. The United States, China, Brazil, and India are successful examples of this being used.
Ecuador has also succeeded in reducing the time taken to register a new company by 50%. In addition, Chile has reduced its paperwork by 75% and increased the number of people served by 100 %.


It is an integrated series of steps that any e-government must go through in order to be able to provide an outstanding service to the beneficiaries in the digital world. It must dispense with paper first, then automate its work next, and finally go out to the beneficiaries through an electronic portal that makes it easier for them to obtain the service. The era of front office automation is over and the era of integrated work and true digital transformation has begun.

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Strategies for managing social media and attracting new customers:

Social media management strategies are a powerful channel to interact and communicate with customers. This platform allows you to quickly address customer concerns and concerns and prove that you are an expert in your field.

In addition, social media can be a key driver for new customers, and social media allows you to nurture those new relationships as you build them, which leads to more connection — and ultimately, your brand name.

This article will walk you through some strategies for leveraging social media to attract new customers and keep them engaged.

Social Media Management Strategies:

Social media management

1- Actively listen and participate in the conversations that are happening in your field:

Most conversations related to your business will not happen on your Facebook page or in your groups. So you need to actively monitor relevant keywords and hashtags used on social media.

I recommend you to use a tool like Social Mention To keep track of a variety of words and phrases related to your business and industry: your name and your business name, the brand names of your competitors, keywords related to common problems in your target market etc.
Feel free to respond with helpful advice, especially if users indicate there is a problem with your competitor. Just remember to focus on being helpful, not criticizing your competitors!

2- Encouraging Social Recommendations:

According to a 2016 National Nielsen Harris Poll, 80% of Americans look for recommendations before purchasing a product. Unfortunately, making recommendations for your products or services does not hold the same leverage as hearing them from an impartial source.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to encourage satisfied customers to provide personalized recommendations and referrals. These include: setting up review tools on your site so that customers can rate your products, using testimonials in your social media content, offering incentives to customers who promote your business or products on social media, etc.

3- Conducting competitions on social networking sites to attract new customers:

Contests can not only be a great way to increase your followers on social media, but to generate leads for your business. In fact, according to data collected by Kontestapp, 1 in 3 contest participants to continue receiving information from brands. This means that your social media contests increase your reach, increase traffic to your website and increase customers. Qualified prospects. And since many contests are free or inexpensive to create and run, you won't have much to lose.

4- Direct social media followers to your blog:

There's a reason content marketing is so popular these days: As per the demand metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, yet generates nearly 3 times more leads.

Directing your social media followers to your blog allows you to provide them with extra long content that would otherwise be impossible to share on a social idea. And once your visitors come to your site, you can entice them to build your email list.

5- Respond quickly to inquiries on social media:

According to research by NM Incite, 71% of consumers who receive positive social care are more likely to recommend a brand to others. Not only does this mean that a helpful response strengthens your relationship with the person asking the question, but it will likely affect their friends and family as well.

The same can be true even for negative comments on social media. A prompt and respectful response can increase trust in your brand, while also allowing you to demonstrate your customer service skills to anyone who sees your response.

6. Invest in Social Advertising

If you haven't built a large following on social media, you will likely need to invest in some social advertising. There are many ways to pay for more views, clicks and engagement.

To get the most out of your money, you can promote your free offers (e-books, guides, closed content, etc.). And with it you can make some sales by promoting a paid offer, getting new subscribers to your list means you can increase sales in the future as well.

7. Dive In A Little Bit To Make Real Connections

The power of social media is that it allows you to form real relationships and connections with your target customers (if you wish). But this means bypassing the “respond to complaints” and “compliments” strategy.

The more your followers see that you are a real person, the more they will trust you. Some ways to show your personal side include: direct messaging to users who mention you; Transfer social media chats to phone or Skype; Encouraging your fans and followers to email you…and then actually reply to them.

8. Build Your Email List With Free Offers:

Creating followers on social media is great, but to take full advantage of these followers, you should move them to your email list ASAP.

One of the best ways to do this is to promote free offers to your fans and followers, whether through organic posts or paid social ads (“Get 25% off when you join our list”), (“Download our free eBook”) or access to Member-only deals or content.

9- Be known as a source of unconditionally linked information:

Being generous with your knowledge and experience can go a long way towards attracting new clients. This means answering questions in groups, sharing your thoughts in social media posts and blogging regularly.

I often see business owners make the mistake that they offer a lot of valuable and free content – but much of it is only available to email subscribers. The problem is that most people won't join your list until they get to know you a little bit. And they can't recognize you unless you offer a lot of free content - no restrictions!

In other words, go ahead and create information for your subscribers only. Just make sure most of your content is available without having to join your list!

10- Focus on your posts to make the idea clear and the content attractive.

The post consists of a visual part (graphic or video) and a text part, both of which are very important and have origins and rules to be aware of. Many people browse quickly, so why stop at some posts and not others? Here lies the role of the visual part. What this person saw is what prompted him to stop and look at the image or video as a first stage of dealing with the publication. Then if what he saw convinced him, he moved to read the text, so the graphics and social images should be designed in an attractive, accurate and highly professional manner.

Thus, after we drew the attention of the person browsing, it remains to provide him through the text with the necessary information. The post must contain the required search words, a link, a phone number, contact information, or how to obtain the offered service. We can say that the importance of the parts is distributed as follows : The idea of the post and the image 90% and the design 10% The idea and the image have the biggest role.


We cannot deny the role of social media today on influence and dominance, as it is the future, and we must keep pace with its development on an ongoing basis and constantly identify the ways in which we can use it to increase our profits and ensure our continuity in light of this evolving digital transformation.

In later articles, we will discuss other strategies that help manage social media and attract the largest number of customers and thus increase profits, in the hope that we have succeeded in putting forward some strategies that may help you, wait for new articles 🙂

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The search results are released

How can your website top the search results in Google?

How can your page top the search results? The vast majority of pages published today never rank in Google and never get any traffic. This is why many companies are desperate to improve their SEO.

But why is that, and how can you be part of the minority that gets to top Google's search results?

Well, there are hundreds of SEO issues that may prevent your pages from ranking well in Google. But if we focus on only the most common scenarios, there are only four of them

Reason 1: The page does not contain any backlinks

According to studies conducted on billions of web pages using specialized tools such as Content Explore, pages without backlinks never get any traffic from Google.

Now, it is important to note that correlation does not imply causation and there is no direct evidence that backlinks help you rank in Google. However, most SEO professionals will tell you that it is almost impossible to rank on the first page without backlinks – an observation that aligns with studies conducted on billions of web pages.

So if you want to rank in Google and get search traffic, you will need to generate high quality backlinks to your page. If you are not sure how to do this, use the Webtop teams, and read this article on our blog,How do you get a strong backlink?

Reason 2: The page thread has no long-term traffic

Some pages have a large number of backlinks, but they still get zero traffic from Google, according to the same study that was conducted, it was noted that 70 thousand pages with more than 200 backlinks from different domains do not have any traffic on Google, By reviewing these pages (and many others) manually, two general trends were observed that explain why such pages do not get traffic even though there are many backlinks:

1- Most of the backlinks they bought are suspicious, so they were punished by Google and we will talk about this later.

2- They are not targeting a topic that people are searching for in Google.

This one is somewhat self-explanatory:

If no one is searching for anything you are talking about on your page, you will not get any search traffic.!!

Reason 3. The page does not match the search target:

Google aims to show you the most relevant results for your query, so if you have pages with a lot of backlinks and your page is already targeting a keyword with Traffic Potential Item #2, but no organic traffic yet, take a quick step to improve its visibility in Search engines is re-optimizing it for the purpose of search, such as adding a useful free extension for a period of time that people need, and we concluded that people were not looking for a landing page, but were looking for a free tool that they can use immediately.

Reason 4. The page is not indexed

Google cannot rank pages that have not been indexed.

If you suspect that this may be the reason for your page not getting traffic, search Google for site:: [url]. You should see at least one result.

Otherwise, your page isn't indexed. Google also doesn't usually index broken pages — even if they contain backlinks. However, at least, it would make sense to redirect the dead page with backlinks to a working page on the same topic. This may help them get more traffic from keywords.

in conclusion:

Keep your pages in the search engine-only 9.36% of pages by creating backlinks, choosing topics with potential traffic, matching search intent, and making sure they are indexed.

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search engine spiders

What are search engine spiders and how do they work?

Search engine spiders, also known as a web crawler, are an Internet robot that crawls websites and stores information for indexing to a search engine,

I think it's this way. When you search for something on Google, those pages and results pages can't be checked out of thin air. In fact, they all come from Google's index, which you can imagine as a huge and expanding library of information - text, images, documents, and the like. It is constantly expanding because new web pages are created every day!
So how do these new pages get into the index? Search engine spiders, of course, do this.

How do search engine spiders work?

Spiders, like Googlebot, visit web pages in search of new data to add to the index. This is critical because Google's business model (attracting consumers and selling ad space) is based on delivering high-quality, relevant, and current search results. Spiders are also very smart. They recognize hyperlinks, which they can either follow immediately, or make a note to crawl later. In either case, internal links between pages on the same site act similar to jumping-off points, in that they clear the way for spiders to crawl and store new information.

Why should I care about search engine spiders?

Search engine optimization (SEO) By boosting your visibility in organic search results. You aim to reach the Domain Authority and get your site on the first page for as many keywords as possible.

A good first step towards the first page: allowing the search engine to actually find your web pages. If your items aren't indexed, you won't even show up on page 13.

The good news: You don't have to work as hard to get your new pages to be crawled and indexed. Basically, as long as you link to your new content from some old content, spiders will eventually follow those links to the new page and store them for indexing. As we said earlier: internal links are important.

If you are eager to have your new items indexed and in search results as quickly as possible, you can submit the new URL directly to Google and tell the spider to crawl it. Once you click on Submit, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.
Can I do anything to help search engine spiders?

Can I do anything to help search engine spiders?

Basically, you want spiders to see as much of your site as possible, and you want to make their navigation as smooth as possible. Quick start your site. Spiders aim to run as fast as possible without slowing down your site at the expense of user experience. If your site starts to lag, or server errors appear, spiders will crawl less.

This is, of course, the opposite of what you want: less crawling means less indexing means worse performance in search results. Site speed is key.

Keep an XML sitemap to create a directory suitable for search engines. This will tell them which URLs need regular crawling. A basic principle of site architecture: Minimize clicks To be more precise, no page on your site should be more than 3 or 4 clicks away from another. Anything more than that makes navigation cumbersome for users and spiders alike.

And finally:

Keep a unique URL for each piece of content. If you set multiple URLs to the same page, it becomes unclear to the spiders which one you should use. Remember: an essential part of SEO is making the tasks of spiders easier. Don't disdain spiders, you'll be fine.

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What is a backlink and what is its relationship to search engines?

The search engines in Google depend on the use of famous algorithms that classify web pages and rank search results based on more than 200 factors, and each factor plays an important role, and despite the varying importance of these factors, the “backlink” has maintained its importance despite all the algorithm updates that By Google, which means the backlinks obtained by the site or any of its internal pages. In this article, we will talk about backlinks, their types and importance, and we will try to shed light on the most important basic points because we may need multiple articles to explain them fully.

What is a backlink:

A backlink is an external backlink from sites other than your site that points to your site using a specific word and a link to a page on your site, which allows visitors to other sites to move to your site by clicking on the specified word, and this procedure falls under search engine optimization because it contributes to bringing visits to your site from sources External and considered by Google as indications of the importance of the page content on your site

In the field of websites and the web, the backlink work is the number of links and links that connect other sites to your website, and the more of these links that link other sites to your website, the more confidence the search engines have in your site, which increases your website’s rank, and increases It also appears in the first results of search engines SEOWhich ultimately increases the number of visitors.

What are the types of backlinks?

There are two basic types of backlinks, one more useful than the other. Let's take a quick look at each one and how it affects your site.


The No Follow tag tells search engines to ignore the link. They do not transfer any value from one location to another. Therefore, they are usually not useful in improving search ranking or visibility but are still important to the reader, as the reader sees the topic and can look forward to more by going to the link

The second type DO FOLLOW

Do follow links are the type of backlinks that everyone wants, just keep in mind that those coming from reputable sites that are most relevant to your content are the most valuable. This type of backlink can help improve your search engine rankings.


There are do follow links that are considered bad or “toxic”, these links come from suspicious sites or are obtained by breaking the terms of service of the search engine that leads to your website dropping in its ranking instead of getting a better ranking, this may cause Google will penalize or even de-index your site, remember that it's not about the quantity of backlinks, it's the quality that makes the difference in ranking.

How do you get a strong backlink?


1- Do not publish your article or your link except in a section that is interested in the same topic as your article. Suppose that the topic of your article is technology, and you do not publish your link on a page titled Sports.

2- Focus on the quality of the content you write and the usefulness and value it provides to readers, `because a bad article leads to a bad reputation for your product.

3- Providing any of your products or services for free to influential people on social media platforms in exchange for reviewing and writing about your product or service, and you will get a backlink in return.

4-If you are using the Chrome browser from Google, you can use the extension Check My Links To tell you about broken links on any webpage you're reading, so when you find a broken link related to your site's niche, you can contact the admin of that page and offer your site link or content as an alternative to referring to it instead of the broken link.

5- Follow your competitors, use Google notifications and create a brand name alert for your competitors to get a message every time they are mentioned on the web pages. Thus, you are always aware of all the backlinks he gets and what techniques he uses, and then you can use them in turn to exploit them to improve the strength of your site.

6- Promote your best content among the circles interested in this type of content and in the field in which you are active in order to ensure that sufficient categories of users are aware of it, and thus find groups that are actually interested in your content and referring to it.

7- There are many international sites that give you a strong backlink that takes into account the policy of search engines, the most important of these sites are mix, reddit, medium

8- Do not intentionally exchange excessive links between sites, because search engines reject these operations.

9- Write recommendations about a product or service for a product that is close to your product, for example, a website or an Android application, and publish this recommendation on the producer’s blog for them to publish on their site, of course, with a reference to your name and website, thus obtaining a backlink for your site.

in conclusion:

In this article, we talked about the concept of backlinks, their types, and some ways that help us get a strong backlink. In later articles, we will talk about other ways that also contribute to obtaining backlinks and about special tools used to manage the backlinks of your site, strengthen it, monitor competitors and other features, Share your opinions about this article and tell us about your ways to get backlinks.