WordPress sites

Why are WordPress sites ranked number one in the world?

Before the emergence of WordPress sites, the website had to be built from scratch, and as life developed in the fields of medicine, industry and others, the technology of web design developed. It initially required great time and effort and focused on the foundations more than interest in design and creativity, like the development of the stages of the computer from its huge size that needs a place Large data processing time to its current size, which enables us to campaign and navigate it with ease with huge data processing in an unnoticeable time. This is the case in the world of web design. WordPress sites came to lay the foundations, build databases, and give multiple design options by providing all components in a way Coordinated and arranged to allow us to use it on the website page without the need for programming from scratch and linking to databases and taking into account the margin of safety.

In this article, we will discuss some of the features of WordPress sites

What are the advantages of WordPress sites?

WordPress sites

1- Easy to install and install:

This is the first step in entering the world of WordPress, install WordPress on the hosting you want and easily follow your journey in discovering and preparing features with ease and smoothness. With all the other advantages with ease and clarity

2- Ease of dealing with the control panel in WordPress sites and modification:

We have previously talked about the ease of the WordPress control panel, through which you manage the entire content of your site, add pages and page components in addition to installing any plugin help for any need, and the WordPress site is flexible, so you can modify the content and change the design with all flexibility according to your needs.

3- Ease of advertising and publishing on search engines:

Advertising the site on search engines has become one of the most important basics for your site. The first goal of the site design is to reach the largest number of customers and thus achieve the main goal of e-marketing. You can install some plugins on WordPress such as yoast and rank math to improve the ranking of your site according to the SEO standards that We will talk about it in later articles

4- Security updates and protections in WordPress sites:

The importance of security in the design of any website cannot be neglected or overlooked, as this has become one of the basics in the science of web design
With WordPress, there is a huge security team whose main task is to monitor security vulnerabilities and update plugins to protect against intrusion and keep your site safe from viruses and malware.

5- WordPress sites have wide and varied support and development forums

With WordPress Forums press You can find solutions to any problems you face for free with open source codes that can be modified and developed on anything and presented to the public for referendum and evaluation.

6- Ease of importing from other sites to WordPress sites:

There are many platforms that design sites, as well as multiple languages and technologies used, and with daily updates, keeping your site updated has become a big challenge. If you decide to move it to another platform when your hosting ends, you will find the solution with the WordPress platform because of its utilities that allow you to import with ease and flexibility

What do we say in the conclusion?

And if we want to expand more on the features, we need lengthy talk and multiple articles, and in my subsequent articles I will discuss its features in some more detail, targeting especially the category of programmers that you deal with. All these features put WordPress in the first place when choosing a platform, so here you are providing A lot of time in establishing from scratch, while enjoying important and very helpful advantages that guarantee you the best designs And at prices Significantly cheaper than others.

Top Web the Arabs site in all Europe

Web Top is the site of Arabs in all Europe

Most of the production site Web Top From the websites it is for Arabs living in Europe, and this is normal and obvious to happen.

The topic is not related only to the language of communication with which they are understood. Our clients are fully fluent in the languages of the countries in which they live.

Even if you meet a Chinese citizen, you will find a way to communicate, such as speaking in English, for example, or communicating with signs, or many possible ways.

But this communication with this Chinese will be limited because each of you will understand the words of the other, but not the way the other thinks.

Why do Arabs in Europe prefer the Top Web site?

We noticed this tendency by Arabs residing here in Europe to design their own websites for us at Web Top.

This is not just an absurd coincidence or just racist behavior, but rather a logical matter based on many reasons that make it happen.

Reasons (communicative civilization):

Web Top is the site of Arabs in all Europe
Top Web site Arabs in all Europe 2

The main reason for this preference is that what is required to accomplish the work is not just (translation) words and words, but (understanding) that results in a common understanding.

This is why what is required is not only a translation of statements, but for the company to understand your way of thinking in order to be able to produce a site that suits you perfectly.

The common cultural background of civilization among us Arabs allows us to understand each other more than any non-Arab.

And each of us definitely touched this in his daily life here in Europe: Only Arabs are understood by Arabs.

Also economic reasons:

The biggest motivation that drove us to come to Europe is to improve our lives and take them to higher and better levels.

Therefore, it is natural that saving means for us more than it does for the rest of the citizens of the European countries in which we reside.

Therefore, the Top website takes this matter into consideration and offers its services at competitive prices to the rest of the European website designers.

Thus, the Arabs who reside in various European countries will be able to expand their interests and keep pace with the requirements of the times.

And that is through the acquisition of a website that advertises, markets and delivers their business to customers without costing them large sums.

Does this not affect access to European recipients?

All the technical staff working in our company, Web Top, are Arabs residing in European countries for a long time.

Thus, each of us was able to understand the European mentality and their way of thinking and interacting with the surroundings around them.

At the same time, the authentic Arab mentality remains within us despite our understanding of them and the environment around us and in which we live.

This makes us an important civilized bridge that can easily and conveniently deal with both parties in a good, productive and beneficial way.

Therefore, our design of websites results from our being this civilization bridge and it can communicate with both the Arab and the European easily.

In conclusion, we say:

You can search and inspect companies that offer you a website building service and we encourage you to do so.

At the same time, we are all confident that you will not find what works for you anywhere else (or even like) what we offer.

We offer the most advanced technology at the cheapest prices, and most importantly: Only Arabs are understood by Arabs.

Internet and commercial success in Europe

Internet and commercial success in Europe

There is a close relationship between the Internet and commercial success in Europe, which has made it an indispensable means of success.

It increases the likelihood of selling, contracting and providing various commercial, tourist, service and other services, and it contributes to their delivery to the customer or customer.

And this access is the core and engine of commercial success, as it is the path to increasing profits, which is the main driver of various activities.

The foundations of overall marketing success:

  1. Create a written plan for yourself so that you do not deviate from the path or get caught up in goals and forget other goals.
  2. Study the money market and understand its trends and needs, so that you have prior knowledge of what you need to do.
  3. Do not hesitate to deal with credibility, as it is one of the things that attract customers the most, especially here in Europe.
  4. Be prepared for all market fluctuations and adapt to it however it moves, so you will be strong and persistent despite everything that happens in it.
  5. Monitor the customer and human gatherings and choose the most appropriate way to display what you have in front of them so that your arrival is good.
  6. Use the latest technologies and modern methods of marketing and do not stop outdated ways, as they are no longer effective.

The importance of the Internet in commercial marketing in Europe:

Since disposal is the most important aspect of trade and a measure of its success, it is natural that it is the main concern of the event owners.

There is no issue in the disposal of being where the customer is and where people gather to show them your products and what you offer.

At the present time, especially here in Europe, one of the largest human gatherings available is the Internet, as it is linked to our daily life.

Marketing using social media in Europe:

Internet and commercial success in Europe
Internet and commercial success in Europe 2

This type of marketing is good and desirable, but it is not sufficient on its own because the offer is limited and linked to a single post.

It is a complementary tool to your website and contributes to its publicity and delivery to customers to review your goods and services offered on it.

Marketing using websites in Europe:

Among the rest of the means of electronic marketing, this type remains the basic rule on which the rest of the types of marketing are based.

Your website remains your main exhibition, and it is your identity that distinguishes you from others in front of customers and customers, so you attract or alienate them to deal.

Therefore, it should be taken care of due to its importance in marketing, so do not skimp on this aspect because it is an essential part of your investment and its interface.

The relationship between the Internet and commercial success in Europe is so close that those who want success should not ignore it.

Marketing using e-shopping sites:

This type of marketing is an important part of marketing using websites, especially here in Europe.

As people find it resembles a large commercial market, they move around in their homes or anywhere else.

To be part of this large market, you must first make your website in the best possible way, as it is the interface and exhibition of your business.

So don't hand the task of designing or developing it to inexperienced hands, then you will not get a well-functioning website.

So our company is based Top Web Designing websites with the latest technology, and we will also develop your site if someone else designed it previously.

So your site becomes the highest possible technology and has advanced sites on search engines such as Google And others.

This way, you get the best possible service and support the commercial success of your business.

Modern marketing using social media

Modern marketing using social media

It has recently spread to modern marketing using social media, until it has become an interesting case.

Since social media has spread a lot recently and people use it frequently, this prompted many to use it in modern marketing.

Thus, they reach the exhibits where the customer or the presumptive customer is, and effectively increases the likelihood of his dealings with the exhibitor.

The advantages and disadvantages of this social media marketing:

Many people have used social media such as  Instagram And theThe Telegram And more FB To show and promote what they have.

And they achieved a variable rate of success in that that differed from one trial to another, and this disparity was based on several different variables.

Therefore, we must study this type of modern marketing to find out its disadvantages and avoid them, as well as its advantages to take advantage of them.

Advantages of modern marketing using social media:

One of the most important advantages of this type of modern marketing is reaching as many people as possible to showcase what we have.

And by using social media, we are able to find out people's preferences and what they desire and thus determine what is best for marketing and how to market.

Especially since in this type people can interact directly with what we publish, so the market image in front of us is clear and clear.

The recipient customer can share your post if it is out of liking, or for specific advice, or to suggest it to some of his acquaintances.

This increases the reach and exposure of your post to people and makes the customer more confident and comfortable with completing the purchase and getting this product.

The negatives of modern marketing using social media:

One of the main drawbacks of this type of marketing is that it is presented in one publication that is independent of the rest of the posts.

It does not allow you to display the various types together so that the customer can compare or think of buying another type that complements what he saw.

This may make him hesitate because the customer’s mentality tends to compare and analyze before buying, regardless of the commodity and the degree of his conviction in it.

Other important factors:

The style of presentation in this type of modern marketing depends on writing, pictures and maybe video sometimes, so the promoter should master them.

Therefore, this or that success in reaching the customer depending on the ability of the publisher to attract the attention of the customer using these means.

Therefore, the stakeholder to whom it is being marketed must choose the publisher carefully because his success depends on the capabilities of the publisher.

Does this type of marketing excuse me about having a website?

Social media marketing

Despite the success of this type of modern marketing, it still lacks the ability to be independent from marketing with a website.

It is not able to display the various types of your goods distributed separately, but rather displays each time for a specific part.

So it complements your marketing work using your website but cannot be relied upon as an alternative to the website.

That is, it is a factor in promoting your website's marketing and is good at it without taking its place in importance.

This is why our company Web Top Providing you with professional website design that opens the doors to success

Internet and small business sites in Europe

Internet sites and small businesses in Europe

In all of the world, especially in Europe, small and large businesses need to link them to Internet sites to help them grow and expand.

The number of people who pass by the street where your small business or shop is located is a small and limited number, no matter what street is important.

From this small number, you extract a smaller number from the small one who is likely to turn and see your business or service activity.

Obviously, those who will be interested and want to deal less and less, and this issue needs to be resolved.

What do websites offer for the benefit of small businesses in Europe?

Internet sites give your business or every small business the opportunity to expand and become famous in wider parts of Europe.

It gives you access to various clients and potential clients just like you, such as large projects if you can choose who will design your site for you.

For those who visit the site, the difference between the area of your store and the area of their company does not appear, the difference between the number of your production and the number of their production.

Also, these big boys are present on their site. You are on your site and you also compete with them in obtaining customers and exchange.

Thus, the area of your commercial or service activity expands to cover wider areas, gain more customers and spend more, and thus profit and grow your business.

What are the occupations covered by this talk?

This talk includes all occupations that can expand (is there a profession that cannot expand?) Yes, this includes everyone.

A restaurant can become a chain of restaurants, and a barber shop is a chain of stores, and every type of commercial and service activities also grows and grows.

With increasing growth and expansion, you grow and increase your profits, and with it the well-being of your life increases and the horizon of growth following your activity increases more and more again.

What countries are covered by this talk?

In various countries of the world, especially in Europe, the activity of Internet sites increases, and the number of people entering and interacting with them and their content increases.

If you are in France, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands or any European country, this includes your region.

Are websites in Europe expensive?

Asking this question in the Arab countries is reasonable, but here in Europe this question should not occur to you.

The cost here compared to the cost of your daily needs is very, very simple, so how about when it comes to expanding your investment.

What do I need to do this step?

Internet sites in Europe
Internet and Small Business Sites in Europe 2

Things are no longer as complicated as they were before, as technologies have greatly evolved and made a lot of use available to implement professional websites.

All you need to do this step is an expert hand to implement the site for you like our company Top Web The leader in this field.

We, with our professional staff, communicate with you to take your business information and create a website from it that takes your business to new and wider heights.

Especially since our work is with the latest technologies and is SEO-approved, which increases the site's opportunity on global search engines such as Google And others.

Thus begins your steps towards success and growth, and the small business grows into big business with big profits