WordPress sites

Why are WordPress sites ranked number one in the world?

Before the emergence of WordPress sites, the website had to be built from scratch, and as life developed in the fields of medicine, industry and others, the technology of web design developed. It initially required great time and effort and focused on the foundations more than interest in design and creativity, like the development of the stages of the computer from its huge size that needs a place Large data processing time to its current size, which enables us to campaign and navigate it with ease with huge data processing in an unnoticeable time. This is the case in the world of web design. WordPress sites came to lay the foundations, build databases, and give multiple design options by providing all components in a way Coordinated and arranged to allow us to use it on the website page without the need for programming from scratch and linking to databases and taking into account the margin of safety.

In this article, we will discuss some of the features of WordPress sites

What are the advantages of WordPress sites?

WordPress sites

1- Easy to install and install:

This is the first step in entering the world of WordPress, install WordPress on the hosting you want and easily follow your journey in discovering and preparing features with ease and smoothness. With all the other advantages with ease and clarity

2- Ease of dealing with the control panel in WordPress sites and modification:

We have previously talked about the ease of the WordPress control panel, through which you manage the entire content of your site, add pages and page components in addition to installing any plugin help for any need, and the WordPress site is flexible, so you can modify the content and change the design with all flexibility according to your needs.

3- Ease of advertising and publishing on search engines:

Advertising the site on search engines has become one of the most important basics for your site. The first goal of the site design is to reach the largest number of customers and thus achieve the main goal of e-marketing. You can install some plugins on WordPress such as yoast and rank math to improve the ranking of your site according to the SEO standards that We will talk about it in later articles

4- Security updates and protections in WordPress sites:

The importance of security in the design of any website cannot be neglected or overlooked, as this has become one of the basics in the science of web design
With WordPress, there is a huge security team whose main task is to monitor security vulnerabilities and update plugins to protect against intrusion and keep your site safe from viruses and malware.

5- WordPress sites have wide and varied support and development forums

With WordPress Forums press You can find solutions to any problems you face for free with open source codes that can be modified and developed on anything and presented to the public for referendum and evaluation.

6- Ease of importing from other sites to WordPress sites:

There are many platforms that design sites, as well as multiple languages and technologies used, and with daily updates, keeping your site updated has become a big challenge. If you decide to move it to another platform when your hosting ends, you will find the solution with the WordPress platform because of its utilities that allow you to import with ease and flexibility

What do we say in the conclusion?

And if we want to expand more on the features, we need lengthy talk and multiple articles, and in my subsequent articles I will discuss its features in some more detail, targeting especially the category of programmers that you deal with. All these features put WordPress in the first place when choosing a platform, so here you are providing A lot of time in establishing from scratch, while enjoying important and very helpful advantages that guarantee you the best designs And at prices Significantly cheaper than others.