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Personal website design, get your own personal website that knows about you, your business, your resume or your own blog. You might be a writer, director, celebrity, or you might be making money with your site.



Design a personal website or resume

Introduce yourself and your blog in the most beautiful way. All this and more is taken into consideration. The matter does not stop at designing, but the aesthetics are taken, according to each specialty and direction.

Personal website or blog

Company website contents

  1. The website logo.
  2. Home page in a private site way.
  3. Biography page or who we are.
  4. My Business Page.
  5. Photo Gallery.
  6. Blog page.
  7. Basic pages. (Contact Us - Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Blog Content)
  8. Social Media page.
  9. Additional pages can be placed if requested, such as a FAQ and recommendations page.

the design:

  1. Attractive modern personal website template.
  2. Logo and photo design.
  3. Special design additions.


  • Compatible with search engines and Google algorithms with easy search and access.
  • Fast and responsive site.
  • It is published on all search engines and social media.

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  1. aamer -

    Excellent for CV and private websites.

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