Modern marketing using social media

Modern marketing using social media

It has recently spread to modern marketing using social media, until it has become an interesting case.

Since social media has spread a lot recently and people use it frequently, this prompted many to use it in modern marketing.

Thus, they reach the exhibits where the customer or the presumptive customer is, and effectively increases the likelihood of his dealings with the exhibitor.

The advantages and disadvantages of this social media marketing:

Many people have used social media such as  Instagram And theThe Telegram And more FB To show and promote what they have.

And they achieved a variable rate of success in that that differed from one trial to another, and this disparity was based on several different variables.

Therefore, we must study this type of modern marketing to find out its disadvantages and avoid them, as well as its advantages to take advantage of them.

Advantages of modern marketing using social media:

One of the most important advantages of this type of modern marketing is reaching as many people as possible to showcase what we have.

And by using social media, we are able to find out people's preferences and what they desire and thus determine what is best for marketing and how to market.

Especially since in this type people can interact directly with what we publish, so the market image in front of us is clear and clear.

The recipient customer can share your post if it is out of liking, or for specific advice, or to suggest it to some of his acquaintances.

This increases the reach and exposure of your post to people and makes the customer more confident and comfortable with completing the purchase and getting this product.

The negatives of modern marketing using social media:

One of the main drawbacks of this type of marketing is that it is presented in one publication that is independent of the rest of the posts.

It does not allow you to display the various types together so that the customer can compare or think of buying another type that complements what he saw.

This may make him hesitate because the customer’s mentality tends to compare and analyze before buying, regardless of the commodity and the degree of his conviction in it.

Other important factors:

The style of presentation in this type of modern marketing depends on writing, pictures and maybe video sometimes, so the promoter should master them.

Therefore, this or that success in reaching the customer depending on the ability of the publisher to attract the attention of the customer using these means.

Therefore, the stakeholder to whom it is being marketed must choose the publisher carefully because his success depends on the capabilities of the publisher.

Does this type of marketing excuse me about having a website?

Social media marketing

Despite the success of this type of modern marketing, it still lacks the ability to be independent from marketing with a website.

It is not able to display the various types of your goods distributed separately, but rather displays each time for a specific part.

So it complements your marketing work using your website but cannot be relied upon as an alternative to the website.

That is, it is a factor in promoting your website's marketing and is good at it without taking its place in importance.

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