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What is a domain and how to reserve a new domain?

Domain Name, or domain name, is the address of your store that you type in the browser to access your site, and it replaces the IP address of the site, due to the difficulty of saving the IP of each site. An example of the domain name is google.com or expandcart.com, and your domain name is unique to your site only from other sites, as there are no two sites with the same domain or address.


Tips for choosing a domain:

The domain name should be easy to type.
The range should be as short as possible.
The domain can contain words related to the business of your store.
Avoid the Arabic domain, always choose an English domain.
The domain can contain the name of the store’s country of operation, such as “sa”, “eg”, and so on.
It is better to stay away from symbols when choosing a domain name.
Make sure to choose an attractive and cute domain name for your store.
We suggest to reserve all possible and available endings for the domain when choosing it, such as .net, .org and .com

What are the advantages of our domain size?

You can reserve any domain that suits you with us, and the domain is known as the key that allows others to enter your site. An example is google.com.

  1. Reserve any domain .com, .net, .org
  2. The domain is free for one year with the design.
  3. Domain is paid without design.
  4. Connect one or more domains with your hosting.


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