What is the concept of e-marketing?

The concept of e-marketing includes all marketing activities that include the use of electronic devices or the Internet, so that companies use various electronic channels, such as search engines, social media, e-mail, and websites to communicate with their current and future customers.

A wide range of methods fall under the concept of “electronic marketing”, starting with building a company’s website on the Internet, through electronic advertisements, e-mail marketing, social media and others.


Some of the digital marketing methods:

1- Content Marketing:

This is by creating unique content about your commercial product and publishing it either through blogs, e-books or infographics.

 2. Social media marketing:

Publish your brand on social media to attract attention and increase the number of visitors. Social media channels include:

• Facebook.

• Twitter.

• LinkedIn.

• Instagram.

• snap chat.

• Pinterest.

3- Marketing by paying commission:

It is the marketing of the products of a person or company in exchange for a certain percentage of profits, as the marketer simply searches for a product he likes, then markets it, and receives a commission at a certain percentage agreed upon upon each sale. We will explain this method in full via an article in The Blog.

4. Automated Marketing:

The term “automated marketing” refers to software that automates basic marketing operations, as many marketing companies automate repetitive tasks instead of doing them manually via email or scheduling social media posts and auto-responders.

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