This is the hosting

Hosting is defined as the space your website occupies on the server. The area is proportional to the size of the site.

Web hosting explained

The user writes your website address (domain name) into the browser, then the communication protocol between the browser and the web hosting server starts displaying your website pages in front of the user.

From this point of view, web hosting is the cornerstone of a website that works on the Internet, which consists of:

  1. Buy hosting شراء
  2. Buying a domain
  3. Website design


If any of these three components are absent, you cannot exist on the Internet through a website.

What is a web hosting server?

It is a CPU computer, but with very powerful specifications, it is equipped with some software

This is in order to convert it to a web hosting server (server) and to use it to store and share data and information on a local or global network such as the Internet.


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