What do we mean by serving your site on Google?

When I want to create a new website on the Internet, I want that website to spread quickly and be known by many people all over the world. The same applies to other things, such as a product for example for sale, a page on social media, a personal profile, a company, a restaurant, an application, or many others.

Many people around the world face a problem when creating their website, selling a product, or promoting a page that people cannot find easily. Therefore, the publishing process is necessary for quick access.

Competition plays a role on the Internet and adversely affects your popularity and participation,  In this service we overcome the competition process and the spread becomes wider.

Does my site appear on Google?

To determine if your website is currently in the Google index, you can do a quick “site:” search on Google and include the URL of your website's home page. For example, searching for the string “site:wikipedia.org” returns these results, confirming that they appear on Google.

My site does not appear in Google search results!

Although Google crawls billions of pages, some sites can sometimes be overlooked. And when our crawlers miss a site, it's often because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Other websites do not include enough links to this site.
  2. The site is newly launched and Google hasn't crawled it yet.
  3. Google's site design doesn't make it easy to crawl site content effectively.
  4. Google ran into a problem trying to crawl your site.

A basic checklist to appear in Google search results:

Follow the basic checklist below to make sure you meet at least the minimum website guidelines to appear on Google.


1- Is the content I show to users high quality?

To give users the best experience on your site so that it is unique, distinctive and attractive.

2- Does my local business appear on Google?
3- Can the content of my website be displayed quickly and easily on all devices?

Because most searches are done on mobile phones, make sure your site content is optimized so that it can load quickly and display appropriately on all screen sizes.

4- Is my website secure?

Make sure your website's connection is secured using HTTPS.

5- Do I need additional help to improve my visibility on search engines through SEO?

Choosing with us to serve SEO  , will ensure that your site appears in Google and all other search engines in the first results of the search, thus ensuring quick access to your site and increasing your visitors.

Get with us an integrated SEO for your site on Google in Europe, increase the visibility of your site on Google with keywords Keyword in Europe, this service is free with the design of the site from Web Top.

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